Death By Stereo's live show is reviewed by Kerrang!

Death By Stereo

...But it's California harcore metal crew Death By Stereo who really threaten to pull the rug from under BSF's feet tonight. The passion and energy this quintet lay bare would make them compelling viewing even if they were a skiffle band. In fact, they are one of the rowdiest hardcore bands on the planet. Frontman Efrem Schulz is a hurricane of fire and agitation, whether pelting his lungs out on 'No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts' and 'Sticks & bones', inciting the audience to make "the craziest circle-pit ever", or gushing warmth and gratitude to the kids, who rapturously respond in kind. From their mock-metal axe acrobatics, to their joyous sense of showmanship and onstage banter of "fart parties", death By Stereo are big fat middle finger to all the hardcore bands out there who insist on trying to make the
genre look dour and po-faced.

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