Death By Stereo's live show gets a shout-out from the L.A. Weekly

Death By Stereo at the Knitting Factory on April 14, 2005.

Any Doc Marten--shod, Mohawk-sporting kid given the evil eye by the establishment will feel Death by Stereo's pain, which could fill the Grand Canyon if the band didn't have such good heads on their shoulders. Too politically astute for Ozzfest wife-beaters, too blood 'n' guts for pop-punks, and ever immune to contemporary loud-guitar-band style tics, the Orange County quintet have wallowed in their deliberately basic speed-metal circa-'89 sound with pig-headed zeal --- until now. With spendy-studio touches courtesy of the Factory (handclaps on "Forget Regret," crystalline solos, clean mixage, etc.), singer Ephrem Schulz's recently voice-coached pipes, plus prog-inclined new bassist Tyler Rebbe and drummer Todd Hennig locking up with Swiss-watch precision, the upcoming Death for Life is one smokin' slab of emo-thrash goodness with a healthy dose of East Coast--style shout-outs. More accessible though DBS may be, moshers best look out for stray elbows and steel-toed boots in the pit tonight.

Andrew Lentz
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