Death By Stereo's lead singer Efrem Schulz interviewed.

Death By Stereo are one of the leading and most positive bands in modern hardcore. If you haven't heard them yet, you should really check them out. We caught up with vocalist Efrem Schulz to chat about their latest album, oven mitts and country music.

Hi there. Welcome to the world of ThunderChunky. How is the DEATH?

Efrem Schulz: The DEATH is Alive and well, better than we have ever been!!! We are feeling re-energized and ready for another year of chaos!

What have you been upto recently?

ES: We have been locked away writing our new record with our producer and friend MATT HYDE!!! You may remember him from his work with SLAYER and HATEBREED. Aside from that we've been having fun with our friends when we have a minute, playing a show here and there and boozing it up.

Congrats on your latest album. It's quality. There have been noticeable line-up changes in the Death By Stereo history. Have you got a pool of amazing musicians that you just dip into for each album or something?

ES: Well, up to this point it's all been old friends. that is what is cool, it's always good people. I think we just have shredding friends, hahaha! I don't know, we are just lucky I guess.

The Video of 'Wasted Words' on the enhanced section of the latest album is great. It is visually strong, dynamic and bold. Was it fun shooting it?

ES: It was a blast! we did it with our old friend Mike Machin. He is a great director. It was fun to see our idea visualized. And we got to eat pizza with some good friends all day!

Yum, sounds great. You are true purveyors of wit, sarcasm and humorous lyrics of wisdom. Ever thought of doing stand up?

ES: Well, I tell jokes on stage here and there but they seem to go over like a fart in church. So...I think I'll stick to singing.

Your sound has been described as 'an epic intersection of Metal and Punk colliding at 100mph.' Do you not have any country music influences then?

ES: Yes I do! I love country! I love Merle, Willy, Waylon, Johnny, David allan Coe, Hank 1,2, and 3!!!

Astounding. The glory of the DBS songs, is that they are just great songs. If you stripped them down to their bare minimum they would be great songs. So in this thought, will we ever see an acoustic set or Death By Stereo unplugged session?

ES: We have thought about doing a real heavy one acoustic, but we just have to do it. Some day, maybe.

Epitaph have been criticised for making some 'duff' signings of late. Personally, it seems better than ever. How do you see Epitaph as a record label these days? Who do you admire on the label and elsewhere?

ES: I'm not sure what duff means...Isn't that the beer on the Simpsons? Well anyway, I see them as a very open minded label. An artists label. I love Converge, Tom Waits, Merle Haggard, Atmosphere, and a lot of the artists on the label.

Is there really a price on Brody Dalle's head in the punk community after her split with Tim, and The Distillers signing to a major label? Or is it just all gossip?

ES: I don't really keep up with the gossip. I try to stay out of it. I never had a problems with the majors, a lot of the "indie" fucks are just as big of thieves if not bigger ones sometimes.

You cancelled your recent European Tour. Do you not like European hotdogs? Do Frankfurters not compare to the mighty US DOG?

ES: As much as I love a big sausage between my lips it wasn't the dogs that stopped us. We had to finish our record before we could go. But don't worry, we'll be back in the UK sucking down some dogs in no time!

We'll hold you to that! Here at Thunderchunky we believe that food is of the upmost importance. What foods do you recommend to our readers?

ES: Any food that is high in carbs. I love carbs!!!! Give me more carbs!!!!

Milk. 1, 2 or 4pints?

ES: Any as long as it's breast milk.

We also love Merchandise. What great merch have you picked up at gigs and what's the best death stuff available?

ES: We have great DEATH merch at DEATHBYSTEREO.COM!!! Buy it, it will make you a better person. I love my HIMSA oven mitts!

So, do you have any comforting words for people who are still scared of picking up a Death By Stereo album?

ES: There is nothing to be afraid of except if you have a heart condition, fear spontanious combustion, or have a fear of 5 really hot guys turning you on.

What's on the cards for Death By Stereo in the next 12 months?

ES: TOURING NON STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent! And, finally if there is one thing our readers should do today what should it be?

ES: Live with the thought that things are amazing even when they are not, sex, drugs, food what ever it is that you love: music, life,just have fun, or masturbate. Whatever makes you happy.

Thanks very much for your time and thoughts guys.

ES: Thanks for letting us be a part of this, see you on the road!