Death By Stereo's "Into The Valley Of Death" scores 9/10 from

Death By Stereo: Into the Valley of Death
9 out of 10

It's been a couple years since I really cared about DBS, but with Into the Valley of Death my hope and excitement for this band has once again reached a high point. I didn't really care for the last album, but this third full length is a keeper for sure! This Orange County based five piece is a punk-metal powerhouse that tears through thirteen tracks without ever looking back. The drums still aren't as interesting as their debut If Looks Could Kill..., but the vocals and backups are doing new things that sound different and awesome. The guitars are still brutal and overall I am way stoked on the Death once again. Way to fucking go guys. I am once again won over. Now get off the fucking warped tour and play the Che!
- Christopher G.
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