Death By Stereo is headed to Europe with Boy Sets Fire!

The band is scheduled to begin their second European tour on November 11th in London England and from there they will play nearly every day for the next four weeks, until finally concluding the tour in Amsterdam on December 12th. The tour will be with Boy Sets Fire and La Par Force; I've talked to the band about the tour and they are extremely excited about the whole situation. We're going to try and hook-up with them via telephone while they're out on tour and get "audio road journals" from them to post on the site, wouldn't that rule? I think so...

Anyhow, the band is also in the process of mixing their new record "Into The Valley Of Death" that is due out in February. I've heard several tracks off of the new record and you guys are in for a metal treat! If you love the taste of pennies in your mouth, you'll "Into The Valley Of Death."

To see all of the European tour dates, click the link below-

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