Death By Stereo has just finished their new record!

Death By Stereo's new album "Into The Valley Of Death" is due out on April 22nd, and it is sure to cause Cliff Burton and Randy Rhoads to rise from the grave for one final head-bang! "Into The Valley Of Death" features thirteen tracks of blistering metal-thrash-punk of the highest order. With the slight help of Mr. Brett in the studio, this album is definitely more dense, more explosive and more slamming than anything this band has ever done.

Some people have posted the new album online, but we assure you that it is NOT the album that will be released. The new album has been re-mastered, the track sequence has been changed and it has even had some tracks added and deleted from the original sequence. In other words...wait for the damn thing to be finished and come out before you put it up and call it "The new Death By Stereo Record."

As of now, the band is also working on some beefy tour plans, but nothing has been solidified as of yet. Stay tuned for all of the latest news on these chaps, as we will be following them with a microscope for the next few months.