Death By Stereo: Fear No Evil!

Death By Stereo's Efrem Shultz walks
"Into The Valley of Death"
by: Don Sill
Feb/Mar 03

SoCal Meatlcore hero's, Death By Stereo, are coming out swinging with their latest album "Into The Valley Of Death" and the musical assault doesn't stop for a second. "This is a f-kin' hell of a lot heavier than anything else we 've done," says vocalist Efrem Shultz. "It's way more of a thrash record, we try to eliminate a few more boundaries every time we do something and see how far we can go with it."

"Into The Valley Of Death," which drops April 22nd, certainly goes far with a harder metal edge that rushes out of the gate like a wild thoroughbred kicking and thumping with primal aggression. Their brand of Metalcore mixes the intensity of thrash with the brutality of hardcore for a unique head-banging, fist pumping experience. "This record is real reflective of what's been going on with our band personally and what's been going on in the world for the past year," explains Shultz. "We're trying to reflect what's going on. This is a lot more heavier, a lot more pissed and a little darker and I think that's because it's really been a dark year for the world. We're just trying to reflect that into our music, ya know."

Tracks such as "Beyond The Blinders," "Flag Day;" "Good Morning America" and "You're A Bullshit Salesman With A Mouthful Of Samples," fiercely shakes their audience continuously and awakes them to see the world for the cynically harsh land it really is. With a coarse point of view Death By Stereo stabs at everything from the crisis with Iraq to pedophile priests and they go straight in for the jugular and aren't holding back or pulling punches. "I mostly write about personal experiences and everyday things that everybody deals with in their own neighborhoods or what they see on the news or what's going on in the world," explains the front man, "There's a lot of crazy shit going on and that comes across in our music."

For example, the song "Shh, It'll Be Our Little Secret" goes face to face with the Catholic church and confronts the recent pedophilia scandal that shocked America and outraged God fearing humans throughout the world. "Man, when all that (pedophile) stuff started getting uncovered it was crazy. Everyone always kinda knew about it and made it into a big joke, but now these guys have been exposed and their finally getting slammed," says Shultz. "It's ridiculous how people will still go to church and drop money in the basket- and all that money, millions of dollars, are going to bailing these guys out, its crazy and it doesn't make sense at all. That tune is my little 'f-k you' to that whole thing."

Death By Stereo's non-apologetic approach is edgy and fierce as the band; who also includes Paul Miner; Tim Owens; Dan Palmer; Tim Bender; blatantly call it as they see it and aren't afraid to rock the boat and risk being unpopular. "I look at a lot of records now and there are some really pissed off records out now, but they don't really deal with anything. I mean, lets take the f-kin' bull by the f-kin' horns, man, and say it out loud and f-k everybody!" Shultz continues, "But, I think a lot of hardcore bands right now and really image orientated, it's really weird. They're really pissed but they're not saying anything too crazy cus' they still wanna be big. F-k that dude."

Death By Stereo are the epitome of what hardcore was intended for, their music outrages, shocks and forces you to think in the process; feeding an intense fire inside that forces our inner venom to surface from our system and release straight through our pores. "Into The Valley Of Death" is a record that serves as a voice of a new generation that are forced to grow within these frightening times of terror and war. "I just hope I'm writing my stuff in a way that anybody that feels f-ked over can relate to," says Shultz, "It's basically a straight up jab at everything going on right now."

"Into the Valley Of Death" will be in stores April 22nd and for more info on Death By Stereo log to:

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