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Eat Your Face
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I've read many reviews bitching that Guttermouth's lyrics are anti-pc or sexist. I'm sure they don't bother Guttermouth. Probably the opposite in fact, and only serve to make them wanna piss people off more. But it's music that provides the best answwer to critics, and this is a resounding fuck off to the whingers. The Vandals vibe is still lurking in there. Plus an overriding sense of making music fun again. All that adds to one mighty splendid album of raw, catchy and scathing punk rock.
So what if some of the lyrics are childish? Anyone that can't laugh at seeing an old person slip in dog poop ain't fun at a party, and if you can't apreciate that this is a great fucking album then don't listen to it. Dick.

Paul Raggity

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