Conversation And Cold Beverage With Youth Group

Australia's Youth Group have once again landed on American soil after a 3 year whirlwind of playing South by Southwest in 2003, getting their 2004 album Skeleton Jar picked up by Epitaph Records and befriending Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie while opening up for them on tour in 2005. picture left - Danny Allen, Toby Martin, Alicia Lyman

Through his friendship and connections to the music director for the internationally popular show The OC, Youth Group was exposed to more of the American market when their cover of the 80's hit single Forever Young by Alphaville was featured on an episode and on the show's compilation Music from The OC: Mix 5 in fall of 2005. Last year they played Australia's Big Day Out music festival and opened up for Coldplay throughout their Aussie tour and since have seen their popularity grow and grow.

Upon arriving at the AKA Lounge in Orlando, front man Tony and drummer Danny took the time after load in to sit down with us and drink a few Coronas while enjoying a beautiful afternoon downstairs on the patio of The Pine Street Bar and Grille. They appeared to have no pretense, no big scheme or hunger to make it big and explained how grateful they are for all of the opportunities they've received in their career thus far.

We chit chatted for a bit about the process of making the music videos featured on their website and what how they felt about making them. Danny said, That was just like an enjoyment thing back then, especially with those videos because no one really saw them [laughing] you know? I think here [in America] pushing the video market you only get played on one show pretty much.

Toby quickly stated, Yea but there's also a really good reason to make video clips in Australia if you're a small band. There's a show called RAGE that will play pretty much every video that they get, they may only play it once but it's a national broadcast. Danny added that It's not hosted, it's just videos back to back now with the internet you can look at the playlist and watch whatever you want. Clearly, this band has not needed to rely on music videos to reach their audience and the music speaks for itself.

After the guys grabbed a quick bite to eat and finally took the stage, it was evident that their performances are as equally moving as their music. Everyone in the room seemed proud to be witnessing a show so rare and intimate. Youth Group evoked a response from the crowd that summoned an encore and even stuck around after the show to autograph their merch for the fans whose love for the band will no doubt soar to enormous heights for years to come.

by Alicia Lyman