Converge van troubles, forced Idaho vacation. Sorry Salt Lake!


No tour goes smoothly. They are always plagued with injury, illness, and more trouble than most people ever live in a lifetime.

After a marathon 15 hours of driving all day yesterday towards Salt Lake City from Seattle, our van's heater/coolant return line broke this morning. All of our water and coolant poored onto the highway, and our van came close to losing it's life forever.

Thankfully Nate was at the helm and got us safely to a truckstop. Soon after, Jake found a great tow truck driver and an even cooler Ford Dealership in the lovely town of Mountain Home Idaho.

Unfortunately the van won't be ready for us until tomorrow in the AM. Meaning our anticipated Salt Lake City show will not feature Converge. Cave In (Kurt from Converge is with them, tell him to hum some songs) and The Blinding Light are both on route though, and hopefully the show can go on with those two bands on the bill. Please show them all some heart and support. Special thanks to Pike, Jason, Blake, and Cody for their efforts with this show. We hope to make it back there as soon as possible.

For now, we will be skating in a parking lot and searching for a cure for boredom until tomorrow sometime. If all goes well, we'll be in Colorado tomorrow night for our next show.

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