Converge to play the 2004 ATP Festival UK!

Converge to play ATP Festival UK2004
Mogwai have invited Converge to play the highly regarded All Tomorrow's Parties festival. Converge will appear on March 26th at the festival in East Sussex UK, just 60 miles from London.

Other artists scheduled to appear on the March 26-28th weekend: Mogwai, Shellac, Tortoise, Isis, Cat Power, Boredoms, Mike Watt, and many more.

ATP was started in 1999 by London concert Promoters Barry Hogan and Helen Cottage of Foundation. Bored with the corporate festivals that were forced down their throats they decided to design a unique event that would be something they personally would want to go along to.

The idea behind All Tomorrow's Parties is to invite a curator be that a musician, artist, or writer to choose a selection of bands/performers that reflect their record collection or people that they feel influenced by or connected to. Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth perfectly described the ATP Festival as 'the ultimate mix tape'.

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