Converge talk "No Heroes" in new interview

Please introduce yourself.
I am Jacob Bannon, I am the vocalist and lyricist for Converge.

First off, what's the info on the new release "No Heroes"?
We have a new album coming out on Oct 24th. Our second for Epitaph, it is entitled "No Heroes".

How would you summarize "No Heroes" both musically and thematically? How does it compare to "You Fail Me"?
It's a natural progression from "You Fail Me" and "Jane Doe". It's more violent and more abrasive then the previous two albums.

Where did the idea/name of "No Heroes" come from?
No Heroes is the title of one of the standout songs on the album. Thematically it is about the war between complacency and forward movement. It was a good song to represent the album as a whole so we chose it.

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