Converge featured on front page of

Converge is currently featured on the front page on the website There is a great interview featured on the site with Converge lead singer Jake Bannon.

In late October, while the Red Sox were dominating the Cardinals, I had a chance to talk to Converge frontman and Deathwish, Inc. proprietor, Jacob Bannon for a minute. It was after one of the best performances I have seen them put on in over 4 years, and nothing short of absolutely amazing. Sadly though, it was not long enough to conduct an interview. However, with the show that they put on, sometimes I'm amazed that he can even speak after a show. However, since we couldn't get the interview done in person, we corresponded, and this interview is brought to you via the wonder of e-mail. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this hot steamy piece that is my interview.

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