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In a howling contrast to Gwen Stefani's colorful and bouncy punk playfulness, The Distillers took the stage on November 17th for a night of anthems that bled themselves raw from Brody Armstrong's sand paper voice. As the object of the punk world's affection, Brody, along with bandmates Andy (drums) and Ryan (bass), jumped into a rip roaring set of perfectly constructed three chord concoctions. By the time "Young Crazed Peeling" off their latest disc, Sing Sing Death House was blasted; all fists were raised in punk rebellion. Punk was very much alive, and who would've thought; at a No Doubt concert.

Brody snarls into the mic as she tussles her disheveled hair around, noticeably missing her stalagmite six inch trademark spikes. She sinks her fangs into each track as she strums her guitar. Often times Ryan is seen jumping into vocals. The most energetic of the group, he bounces around and is usually far from his mic only to end up running up to it in a frenzy of spitfire vocals. Andy's drumming is charismatic and all together collected as he keeps ferocious tempo with Brody's bouncing tough as nails demeanor.

The Distillers put on a strong live show. Like the songs they play, their performances are straight forward, no nonsense, and snappy. They play, they tell the audience to jump, and then get off the stage. Brody only addressed the audience once during their moderately length set. All in all The Distillers are a strong live act, worthy of the recent praise they've been gathering from their recent tour. Armstrong proves a perfect balance to the saccharine slathered appearance of No Doubt. Her voice is transformed into a fiery pit of social issues and tortured agony. All the while she maintains her demeanor and keeps herself distanced from her emotions, letting us do the feeling. With tattoo ink running through her veins, tonight is a perfect reminder of why she's punk's reluctant princess.

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