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Millencolin, the Swedish skaterock sensation has long under flown the radar of the common masses. Millencolin began touring in the U.S. in 1996 after they were signed by Epitaph Records. Some of the albums that they have been produced since then are "Life on a Plate", "Pennybridge Pioneers", and "Home From Home". If you pick up one of these CD's you will find that Millencolin is a band that mixes punk rock melodies, with hardcore rock. Listen for long enough and you will find numerous melodic-punk riffs stuck in your head for weeks. The songs played in concert were mainly from "Pennybridge Pioneers", and "Home From Home ". To be honest they played practically every song on both CD's.
Last week Millencolin played at the Ogden in front of a sold out crowd. It appears that this band would rather rock out to a small but devoted crowd, as opposed to playing bigger venues. This is the way it should be. Last Wednesday you could see their excitement to play and its effect on the crowd. Every last soul at the Ogden was soon in a moshing frenzy, and crowd surfing continued relentlessly through the energetic set. Everyone in attendance was enjoying Millencolin and I am glad that they continually make Denver one of their many homes away from home.

Millencolin has a different sound in concert than you might hear on their CD's. Some might label Millencolin as softcore punk. But on stage there isn't a soft thing about them. Their sound is far from the poppy punk you hear all day on the radio, which is probably the reason that you don't hear them. In concert there melodies are enhanced by a souped up rock sound that will send even the first timers into the pits or on top of the crowd.

It's rumored that Millencolin left their hometown Orebro and their homeland after they had become the trendy favorite. I don't believe that this band will sell out any time soon, and I hope that their popularity here will never drive them to stay away.

::John Hicks::

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