Checkout a great new Hot Water Music "Caution" CD review

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Hot Water Music's newest CD should be a poster child for punk rock, mixing together the best elements of heavy power chords, tight and well balanced lyrics, and enough diversity to make it stand out in a genre plagued with a small range of intricate material.

Caution hits with enough power to drive the audience and make a lasting impression on everyone. The action never lets up, rarely going into any softer moments. This is an all out punk rock release of aggression. Although it is much more mature and melodic then previous HWM releases, the inspiration and creativity present here is much more prevalent. It becomes a 50/50 success for fans of older HWM, some will be disappointed, and some will absolutely love the new direction they have taken. For new listeners, the band offers enough in their music to warrant a CD purchase.

The progressive direction HWM has taken is very much needed in the punk rock genre. Although a good breakdown and catchy choruses always bring a pleasuring experience, punk music in general will greatly benefit from being diverse in ways it never has been before. Listen and enjoy, this could be the start of a revolution, and who better to bring it upon us then a long time veteran of the genre.

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