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am not a fan of concept albums.
They can go on and on, and never really get going… or worse case scenario, they can be warbling, incoherent messes, with absolutely no substance.

Don’t get me wrong, some Concept albums are ace, I love Queen, and the concept they came up with – “News of the World”, “Day at the races/Night at the Opera” were stunningly executed showcase albums which should be listened to over and over again.

But for every Queen, you get the mess of electro-metal and bad ideas that is “DIGIMORTAL” by Fear Factory. For every fantastic Queensryche concept album, you get a Cradle of Filth “Lucifer” – it’s a double edged sword as is most things in this life.

SO it is with trepidation, and a certain amount of animosity I put I AM GHOST into my stereo to review.
Expecting terrible Emo with vampire fetish lyrics, and kohl eyed power pop, I was expecting to hate every damned second on the album…
And instead, I get Finch-a-like post-hardcore music, and vocals that are utterly ace.
I get songs like “our friend Lazarus Sleeps” and the hauntingly beautiful opening choral epic “The River Styx”.
Yes, this is Emo-core, yes, this is a concept album… but the concept is a story that leads throughout the 12 tracks in the music and in the lyrics, but never once forces the “STORY” down your throat, never once reiterating elements, always letting the songs speak for themselves… Songs which, to be honest, are so terrifically and emotionally delivered it’s very hard to dislike.

If you like wearing more black than should be legally allowed, walking around with a strop on and feeling “DARK” – you’ll love this album.
If you are a true worshipper of the MCR shrine, and love every word that comes out of Gerard Ways mouth… you’ll love this album…
If you are a fan of good solid music, made with dignity, strength of conviction, and really bloody good musicianship, you’ll be a fan of this album.

It’s a bit of a belter.
Concept or no concept…

By AJ Chamberlain