Canada excited for Matchbook Romance and the Epitaph Tour.

Matchbook Romance is out on the road with The Epitaph Tour through the 19th of March! Two Canadian dates are coming up at the end of the week and you can tell they are getting excited by this article from

Matchbook Romance Say Out With The Old, Getting Around To The New

Ah, bullshit. You can smell it from a mile away. Even further when it comes from some of these new emotional hardcore bands, acts who supposedly rely on their own feelings for lyrical content but are really just pissing around with what's "cool." They don't care at all and it's horribly frustrating.

Apparently Matchbook Romance drummer Aaron Stern shares these frustrations.

"Too much music out there is insincere. It goes with the motions and that's about it. I'm tired of hearing these bands capitalize on something that was supposed to have deepness to it, but at this point all I can do is keep my band from straying down that path while we work on new material. We've been playing these old songs [from debut Epitaph release Stories And Alibis] forever now. Our main objective is writing new songs. We're buckling down in order to set things straight again."

With an April start date for recording, the band (Stern, singer/guitarist Andrew Jordan, guitarist Ryan DePaulo and bassist Ryan Kienle) really don't have a choice but to buckle down. It's do or die time. Confident that Matchbook Romance will sufficiently whip the masses back into shape, Stern offers up his incredibly profound sentiments on the new songs.

"This feels like a different Matchbook Romance. There are some elements, but we've really branched out and explored dynamics. It sounds lame, but we're moving forward though it'll still be the same Matchbook Romance," he says. "We have less time to do this album than we did for the last one [but] we want to make it a lot better. It'll be great but it is kind of a pressure situation."

Stern admits that as far as "pressure situations" go, he's in a pretty soft one at that. Proud of the band's accomplishments after a few short months, he exudes nothing but excitement and anticipation at the future.

"We're making a living off of music at this point, so I think we can deal with the pressure," he says. "We don't have the label breathing down our backs. They're just like, 'Let us know when you need us.' If they were like, 'We need a new album NOW,' we'd be freaking. We've been given a really lucky break here, so we'll still lean on ourselves to get better and better, but we feel really fortunate to have whatever comes our way."

Canadian dates on the Epitaph Tour with Matchbook Romance:

March 10 Toronto, ON @ Opera House
March 11 Montreal, QC @ Club Soda

By Keith Carman
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