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What's up with these Swedish bands that seem to change their sound from album to album? Although not as shocking as the transformation of the late 59 TIMES THE PAIN from old-school hardcore to CLASH inspired punk rock, BOMBSHELL ROCKS step a few paces off the street-punk line and embrace some hearty influences from the BAD RELIGION, PENNYWISE set. The end result concerning "From Here and On" is a good band still searching for a level of confidence, wondering if they are more than just a one-genre type act. It's clear that this band didn't want to write the same ol' record again, but I'm not sure these guys wear their newfound stripes as well as they'd like to. The straight-up attitude supported on the first track is commendable, but it's something that's more fitted to the sound of BAD RELIGION's "No Control" album, which of course, came out almost 15 years ago, and does not particulary fare well with the clean, upbeat production. Some of the looser, more engaging tracks feel like a natural progression however, of BOMBSHELL ROCKS taking their RANCID inspired sounds and blessing them with huge sing-along choruses and a bouncing sense that screams of vibrant resentment. This latter element is what has made this band so fun in the past, and thankfully, they don't abandon what works for them. Lyrically, this band has always stuck to their guns in writing anthemic, fight-for-your-spirit style songs, and they're quite good at that, and "From Here and On," keeps up that trend. If you consider RANCID's "And Out Come the Wolves," and anything by BAD RELIGION as mandatory to your playlist, definitely give this band a shot.