Bad Suns Release New Song "I'm Not Having Any Fun"

Bad Suns Release New Song "I'm Not Having Any Fun"

Today, Los Angeles-based band Bad Suns share new song “I’m Not Having Any Fun,” a b-side from the band’s latest release Mystic Truth.

“’I’m Not Having Any Fun’ came to life in the spring of 2018, during one of our afternoon jam sessions in the living room of the house we all lived in together while writing the Mystic Truth album,” explains vocalist Christo Bowman. “I wanted to inject humor into the lyrics, as the song weaves through the story of a relationship gone awry in the internet age. We ultimately decided to hang onto this one for later, as it didn’t quite match the tone of the rest of the album, and I’m glad we did because now feels like the right time for it to have its day in the sun, even if that sunlight’s just coming through the window.”


Since forming in Los Angeles County in 2012, Bad Suns have garnered an impressive following including over 1.4M monthly Spotify listeners, sold out headlining dates across the globe, played countless marquee festivals, and released three full-length records; Language & Perspective (2014), Disappear Here (2016), and Mystic Truth (2019).

Mystic Truth, produced by Dave Sardy (Oasis, The Black Angels), came to life during fits of inspiration in a variety of locales: a midcentury geodesic dome on a wind farm, a barn in Bridgehampton, the streets of Hong Kong, and the living room of the house all four members shared in the LA suburbs. The result is a collection that gathers disparate influences — from artist Bruce Nauman and magical realist author Mikhail Bulgakov to Eno-era U2 and The Blue Nile — into a potent, expansive whole.

Bad Suns is Christo Bowman (vocals/guitar), Gavin Bennett (bass), Miles Morris (drums) and Ray Libby (guitar).