Bad Religion Interview: Reading, Writing and Rock n' Roll

By Paul Feinberg '85

Greg Graffin '87, M.S. '90 teaches evolution. His Life Science 1 syllabus at UCLA includes lectures on Darwin, natural selection and extinction. Graffin, who holds a Ph.D. from Cornell, considers evolution the basis of his students' education and future careers as biologists.

He knows a bit about personal evolution as well. Graffin, you see, is no ordinary scholar. He's also co-founder and lead singer for legendary L.A. band Bad Religion, which itself has evolved from young upstart to elder statesman in SoCal's punk rock scene.

And while it's near-cliche' to cite the punk-as-professor dichotomy, Graffin himself sees a parallel: "I've been used to [communicating with a college-aged audience] all along, because Bad Religion [always] gets a year older and our audience stays the same age."

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