Babebee Finds Closure In New Single & Music Video “HAPPY ENDING”,  New EP ‘whatislove2u?’ Out Now Via Epitaph

Babebee Finds Closure In New Single & Music Video “HAPPY ENDING”, New EP ‘whatislove2u?’ Out Now Via Epitaph

Evoking escapism by way of lush electronic soundscapes, idiosyncratic beats and breathy vocals, Atlanta born, NYC-based artist Babebee (they/them) unveils their soul bearing self-produced EP ‘whatislove2u?’ out now via Epitaph Records. Exploring various attachment styles as they reflect on destructive cycles within past relationships, the five song EP chronicles their quest to finally feel "secure" in themself; whether that is alone or in a partnership.

Co-directed by Evan Deng, Babebee also shares the music video for their song “HAPPY ENDING” - a cathartic EP closer that symbolizes the ending of a relationship while marking the beginning of a new one with oneself.


'whatislove2u?' - LISTEN TO EP HERE


Throughout the accompanying video’s romanticized footage of NYC, cigarettes are used as a motif for self-destructive behavior while the constant lighting and extinguishing can be viewed as coping mechanisms for the aftermath of a breakup. Tapping French artist angelus and producer ardist, "HAPPY ENDING” is an indie rock soundtrack imbued with hyperpop and drum and bass influences that display the array of chaotic emotions one can experience within a romantic connection. Babebee muses:

Love is not foolproof; there is heartbreak involved when falling too fast for someone and having the meaning of love stripped away to its barest bones can reveal the hardest truths: loneliness—the desire and crave of having another human accompanying us through life.”

 Boldly tackling the complexities of generational trauma, Babebee’s 2022 album Mind Over Matter was hailed as a “cohesive, expressive full-length project of experimental but accessible songs” by Pigeons & Planes. After signing to Epitaph Records in 2023, they released their label debut EP A PROPHECY last Fall, praised by KEXP for its “tales of heartbreak and human connection”. Turning their songwriting inward with a focus on being intentional with yourself, with ‘whatislove2u?’ Babebee remind us,

Love shouldn't be conditional, especially towards ourselves. We should be allowed to express love in the most authentic way, heal our inner child and express our needs without feeling unsafe.”