Babebee Announces New EP ‘A PROPHECY’    Out November 17th Via Epitaph Records   Watch Music Video For Lead Single “VIDEO GAME”

Babebee Announces New EP ‘A PROPHECY’ Out November 17th Via Epitaph Records Watch Music Video For Lead Single “VIDEO GAME”

21-year-old Korean American artist Babebee (they/them) is announcing their new EP ‘A PROPHECY’ today, due for release on November 17th via Epitaph Records.  Part of the graduating class of Pigeons & Planes best new artists of 2022 (alongside Ice Spice), the Atlanta based songwriter and producer layers dreamy guitars, ethereal synths and unconventional production with stream-of-conscious lyricism that speaks to the wisdom beyond the young creative’s years. 

Babebee also shares lead single “VIDEO GAME,” which boasts influences of plugg, trap, alt-rock and bossa nova inspired by the music scene of their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. Touching on hyper-personal experiences, the lyrics encompass topics of gender dysphoria and womanhood which are mirrored in the accompanying fever-dream music video. Check it out below! 



The artist explains, “The Bee that is in space represents my soul trapped inside the spiritual realm. My soul travels through portals, trying to get to my physical self, which is an homage to parallel universes. The people who are supposedly helping me actually represent my subconscious. Self-sabotage and existential questions about life and death are shown through me trying to escape myself. Eventually, my soul reaches my physical body, but I cannot handle the mental state of it, so I end up killing it, but life repeats and I have to start the “game over”.” 

Boldly tackling the complexities of generational trauma, Babebee’s 2022 album Mind Over Matter was hailed as a “cohesive, expressive full-length project of experimental but accessible songs” by Pigeons & Planes. In ‘A PROPHECY’ they shift their mindset to explore the soul connections between human beings, conceptualized in the wake of a turbulent relationship. To cope with their pain and heartbreak, they funneled those emotions into their music, resulting in an immersive collection of songs that take the listener on a journey into Babebee’s deepest thoughts and reflections.   

The progression of ‘A PROPHECY’ is me forgiving and forgetting what had happened, but it’s still been a journey trying to heal the wounds,” the artist muses. 

Endlessly ambitious and impossible to define, Babebee is inspired by similarly eclectic and genre-bending artists like Imogen Heap, Björk, The xx, Frank Ocean, SOPHIE, FKA twigs, Blood Orange, underscores, and more. Call them hyperpop, and you’d miss out on their experimental dance signatures, their penchant for bedroom pop melodicism. Call them a singer and you miss out on their expert production work. Call them unconventional, and you’re closer to the truth: it’s the reason you might’ve caught them on Twitch, or on their Discord community, The Honeypot, or featured on a series of all-star Spotify playlists, including New Music Friday, the official hyperpop playlist, and Lorem, with its nearly one million likes.