Atlanta Alt-Pop Artist Babebee Shares Introspective, Hypnotic New Single  “dreamZzz”

Atlanta Alt-Pop Artist Babebee Shares Introspective, Hypnotic New Single “dreamZzz”

Last month, the elusive 21-year-old Korean American artist Babebee (they/them) announced their signing to Epitaph Records with label debut, “COME WITH ME” - a warm and inviting song and video blending bedroom pop with alternative rock.

Today, they share their latest two-song single “dreamZzz” that expands upon their convention-breaking approach to music. The original track is driven by a rhythmic bassline accented by trip hop elements with celestial synths and computerized tones sprinkled throughout the glossy production. Woven into the hypnotic beat are Babebee's gentle vocals with introspective lyrics that take you on their journey in pursuit of mindfulness and peace. The remixed track expands on a futuristic drum and bass sound, created by their friend and producer Fayt.

dreamZzz is a song I wrote about a year ago,” the artist muses. “After I had finished writing the song, I wrote in my notes: "Subconscious thoughts based on where my head's been at these days. I just want to take life slowly, but I've been dissociating and I'm trying really hard to convince my mind that I'm okay, I'll find comfort soon," which I feel like pretty much explains why I wrote this song in the first place. I hope people find comfort in listening to the song like how I did while creating it.” Listen below!



Babebee - pronounced “baby” - is the musical moniker of the idiosyncratic soloist who could only exist in the modern era: prolific, collaborative, endlessly ambitious, and impossible to define. They are inspired by similarly eclectic and genre-bending artists like Imogen Heap, Björk, The xx, Frank Ocean, SOPHIE, FKA twigs, Blood Orange, underscores, and more. In their short career Babebee has already released an EP, a plethora of singles and two albums, with their latest record Mind Over Matter (2022) lauded by Complex/Pigeons and Planes as “a cohesive, expressive full-length project of experimental but accessible songs.

Call them hyperpop, and you’d miss out on their experimental dance signatures, their penchant for bedroom pop melodicism. Call them a singer and you miss out on their expert production work. Call them unconventional, and you’re closer to the truth: it’s the reason you might’ve caught them on Twitch, or on their Discord community, The Honeypot, or featured on a series of all-star Spotify playlists, including New Music Friday, the official hyperpop playlist, and Lorem, with its nearly one million likes. It’s also the reason Pigeons and Planes/Complex was quick to name them one of the best new artists of 2022 alongside Ice Spice.

Catch Babebee on tour with Miya Folick this fall, tickets are available HERE