Ariel View Announce Epitaph Debut Album 'Until My Lungs Are Cleared'

Ariel View Announce Epitaph Debut Album 'Until My Lungs Are Cleared'

Southern California indie pysch rock band Ariel View have announced their Epitaph debut Until My Lungs Are Cleared due out October 18

On the record, produced by Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Remo Drive), Ariel View channel the most complex and messy emotions into 11 immaculately arranged indie-rock songs. Tapping into the kinetic energy they first revealed in playing backyard shows all around the Inland Empire, the Ontario, California-based band blends punk and surf-rock into a finespun sound that’s viscerally charged yet gracefully melodic. Lyrically, Ariel View share stories of drinking too much and missing the wrong people and dreaming of running thousands of miles away, with sisters Harmonie and Heaven Martinez delivering each of their lines with both raw sensitivity and defiant self-assurance.

Until My Lungs Are Cleared takes its title from a song that vocalist Harmonie wrote when she was 14-years-old. With its gauzy guitar tones and languid rhythms, the track unfolds in a delicate reverie that hints at Ariel View’s psych-rock-inspired sensibilities. “It’s this horribly sad breakup song about how you can’t live without this person, and you’re just waiting until the day when you’re okay enough to sing the song you used to sing together,” drummer Nadine Parra notes of the songs intense emotional impact.


 Until My Lungs Are Cleared Track Listing 
1. Homespun
2. Succubus
3. Pretty Flowers
4. Gone
5. How Much Longer
6. New York
7. Friday Nights
8. Summertime
9. Until My Lungs Are Cleared
10. Midnight 
11. Ecstasy 

Ariel View is Harmonie Martinez (vocals/lead guitar), Heaven Martinez (vocals/bass), Miranda Viramontes (rhythm guitar), and Nadine Parra (drums).