Alternative Press gives the new Pulley record 5/5!

Other than a bout with Hodgkin's Disease, Scott Radinsky leads an envialbe existence. Noth onl has the guy fronted Scared Straight, Ten Foot Pole and Pulley, but he also owns a skatepark and has earned millions as a Major League pitcher. Now, with Matters, he can add a first-rate punk album to his list of achievements. Pulley's latest still hears their sound planted firmly in Southern California, yet Matters a quantum leap forward from 2001's Together Again For The First Time. Whether the improvement is a result of finally kicking producer Ryan Greene to the curb in favor of Matt Hyde or of having a lineup shuffle is open for debate, but Matter is far more polished and cohesive than previous efforts. By combining the technical virtuosity of Strung Out and the melodic propulsion of Pennywise, Pulley have made Matters a Southern California punk fan's wet dream.
Rating: 5 out of 5

-Matt Ryan

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