About to Pop: Escape the Fate

Why They're About to Pop: Escape the Fate has been through the ringer. After the success of their first album, 2006's 'Dying is Your Latest Fashion,' the Las Vegas band began to look like the subject of an episode of 'Intervention.' Their guitarist Omar Espinoza exited, while both their singer and their bassist got hooked on drugs. After two stints in rehab, ETF's frontman Ronnie Radke was arrested for battery and eventually kicked out of the band, leaving the hardcore punkers in a serious predicament. However, fate just may have been on the boys' side as bassist Max Green cleaned up his act and former Blessthefall vocalist Craig Mabbitt was looking for a new gig. Mabbitt, a friend of ETF, was a natural fit to sing on 'This War is Ours,' and now the band is right back on track. Catch Escape the Fate live on their full U.S. tour with Chiodos and Silverstein now through November.

- Nadine Cheung, PopEater

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