A brand new MP3 from Matchbook Romance has just been posted!

Formerly known as "The Getaway," this band has finished their first Epitaph release, the "West For Wishing" EP. Now we know a lot of you have been curious as to what this band sounds like, well, wonder no more! We finally have an MP3 up for the song "The Greatest Fall (Of All Time)," and it will surely make you take notice of this band! They scream, they sing, they rock and they are super nice kids too! Anyways, enough words; hit the link below and enjoy one of the most talented young bands around!

href='http://www.epitaph.com/_lib/stream.php?f=The+Greatest+Fall+%28Of+All+Time%29.mp3&p=/129/306/3553.mp3&id=3553'>Matchbook Romance - "The Greatest Fall (Of All Time)"