Rosie Tucker's Album 'Sucker Supreme' out now via Epitaph Records

Rosie Tucker's Album 'Sucker Supreme' out now via Epitaph Records

Sucker Supreme LP out now via Epitaph Records

Available across platforms here.

“It's huge to be able to put out the album just as the band is able to start playing together again safely. I'm in love with music and grateful for a chance to share the music I made with some people I love.”

- Rosie Tucker


Singles: “Barbara Ann” “Habanero” “Ambrosia” “Arrow” “Brand New Beast


Praise for Sucker Supreme

“Barbara Ann” on NPR All Songs Considered

“pop-rock perfection.” - them.

“shimmering indie gem” - Uproxx

“sharp indie rock” - BrooklynVegan

"crunchy, gliding guitars and a soaring melody" - Stereogum

“a capsule of self-exploration and detailed, diaristic revelation.” - FLOOD

“Tucker's new album ramps up the energy while retaining their keen intellect and searching humanity.” - KCRW “Private Playlist”

"an intricate web of twinkly guitar parts and shimmering leads, all of which coalesce to create a one-way stream of clean chords, dreamy vocals and pumping drums heading towards the track’s lung-bursting finale." - Guitar World

"Rosie Tucker’s knack for witty, yet bruising lyrics and impeccable melodies is back in a big way on “Barbara Ann'" - Paste Magazine

“'Habanero' is hot like Rosie Tucker songs are hot: beautifully sung and boldly played" -


LA artist Rosie Tucker (they/them) has released their third album Sucker Supreme, their first with Epitaph Records. A coming of age album of intimate storytelling and electrifying, intricate guitar, the collection aches with self-discovery, self-definition, and self-redefinition. It has earned acclaim spanning NPR, Stereogum, them., GLAAD, KCRW “Today’s Top Tune”, Music Connection, Under The Radar, The Luna Collective, BrooklynVegan and more. With nearly 100k monthly Spotify listeners, new singles “Habanero” and “Barbara Ann” have been featured on “New Alternative,” “NPR Music: Bob Boilen,” “NPR: Music’s New Music Friday,” “Out Now,” “Feel-Good Indie Rock,” “undercurrents,” “Chill Singer-Songwriter” as well as Apple Music “Today’s Indie Rock” and “New In Indie”.

On this album, Rosie’s openhearted, sing-song alto melodies are king and wry, detailed lyricism is queen. Noise creaks in every layer of these songs: ticking Geiger counters, synthesized whale calls, tape machine slams, walls of distorted guitar rolling in and then blooming out into infinite repeats. As with all things Rosie Tucker, this album is not easily slotted into a binary like happy or sad. In the world of Sucker Supreme, concepts like male or female, married or divorced, destruction or salvation, are not two opposite sides of the same coin, they are all connected points on the same sphere.

Rosie exploded into the musical zeitgeist with critically acclaimed 2019 album Never Not Never Not Never Not, sharing stages with kindred spirits Phoebe Bridgers, Soccer Mommy, Vagabon, and Remo Drive. Sucker Supreme is just the right follow-up: still playfully observed, still sneakily political, still indebted to folk singers of the past – but also much, much bigger, brighter, louder and noisier than anything Tucker has dared before.


Sucker Supreme Track Listing

  1. Barbara Ann
  2. Habanero
  3. Different Animals
  4. Trim
  5. For Sale: Ford Pinto
  6. Ambrosia
  7. Arrow
  8. Creature of Slime
  9. Brand New Beast
  10. Airport
  11. Dog
  12. Clinic Poem
  13. Peach Pit
  14. How Was It?