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The new Error release gets 3 1/2 stars from The Winnipeg Sun

Psst: Heads up, punk geeks. L.A.'s Error features Bad Religion guitarist (and Epitaph honcho) Brett Gurewitz, Dillinger Escape Plan
singer Greg Puciato, ex-NINer Atticus Ross and his bro Leo. Can you say supergroup? OK, maybe not. But can you say super-freaking- heavy group? Word. This debut EP is a blistering blast of digital hardcore a la Atari Teenage Riot, NIN and Skinny Puppy. The thwacking beatboxes, the bass-synth melodies, the primal-screech vocals, the sinister interludes and even the cover of 999's Homicide oughta be enough to bring Trent Reznor out of hiding --- or send him back into his hole. Either way, make no mistake; Error are on to something.

3 1/2 STARS!
- DS
The Winnipeg Sun

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User Comments


WTF happend to Error??...

It's not a genre that is supposed to be about what everyone likes, it's about good old DIY alternatives, thus how the band Suicide gain it's popularity....where did the embodiment of punk rock ethos in the modern context of the 2000's which was Error go??? I'm pissed, I want my fix! I want Error!!



WTF happend to Error??...

when did the dumb jocks stop beating punk kids up, and start listening to punk?(It reminds me of when the beastie boys toured around acting like a bunch of dude-bro frat boy douche bags, and their wake up call, that they had gone too far was when dude-bro frat boy douche bags dominated the population at every show)



WTF happend to Error??...

where did these saviors of Modern Punk Rock go?
While the punk scene remains stagnate in their own filth of unwashed dead kennedy's t-shirts from before Jello Biafra even considered his run for mayor, and their incredibly close minded ideals of what music is and is about.



So.......WTF happend???

So guys, WTF happend to Error?? The Ep came out and I bought it as soon as I possibly could.....soooo psyched for a follow up full length album......and, nothing. Nothing's working for sure. So, where's Error? since alec empire went to playing electro, and just about everyother band that attempted industrialesque, digital hardcore, has either past out of their mortal coils or falt out turned into a bunch of little girls who have just about forgotten all together what music is,

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