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Get Up Kids

Call it emo. Call it post-hardcore. Call it pre-millennial angst-driven pop-core. Call it whatever. Don't, however, waste time coining genre names for the Get Up Kids; its valuable time better spent diving into the depths of the band's latest, Something to Write Home About. The band's sound has a way of resolving itself far better than elusive catch phrases, generic descriptions and genre labels could ever hope for, anyway.

With the release of Something to Write Home About, the Kids take their sound to new levels, with driving arrangements only hinted at on their previous albums. Still using the turquoise guitar tones of their earlier albums, the

Kids also find time to throw in ragged guitars, bigger beats and production to make your head swirl. Where Joe Emo is ready to back down, play discordant guitar riffs and whine all night long, the Get Ups once again prove their ability to pack a punch with vibrant songwriting on this album.

Dodging the rosters of big-name labels, The Get Up Kids inked a contract with Vagrant Records and established their latest stab at a record company imprint, Heroes & Villains. "In the indie spirit, we started our own label and signed a deal with Vagrant Records to pretty much run the show." - says singer Matt Pryor.

Though crops of emo-esque combos seem to be springing up faster than drunks at a St. Patty's Day parade, the Get Ups have been throwing down their sound for nearly five years. Coming together in the suburbs of Kansas City, MO the Kids formed from the ruins of Kingpin and Secret Decoder Ring, a pair of K.C.-based acts causing a stir on the local scene. After a self-financed debut 7-inch, "Shorty," released on Huey Proudhon Records, the band began turning heads. ...



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