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Archi "MC" Motherfucker - voc, git
Steve "Maschine" West - drum, voc
Johnny Bottrop - git, voc
Zip Schlitzer - bass, voc

February 1993: After a long time, 3 punks meet each other again in one of Berlin- Kreuzberg´s pawnshops. As a matter of fact they wanted to pawn their musical instruments because they couldn't pay their bills. But what happened? Archi "MC" Motherfucker (voc, git), Johnny Bottrop (git) and Hermann von Hinten (drums) were celebrating their reunion and decided to form a new band together.

Soon after, a bass player called "Ice Tüte" joined and from then on the four punks rehearsed constantly in their basement. They were looking for a peaceful sounding name for their young band, so they called themselves "Terrorgruppe" which of course means terrorgroup.

It didn't take to long and the band was well known in Berlin. They released a couple of self-produced 7" vinyl-ep´s which sold an amazing amount in the German punk-scene. In fall 94 "Ice Tüte" left the band and after a miscarried experiment with a guy called "Fritz", Zip Schlitzer took place as the bass player.

Until today TERRORGRUPPE have released about 15 Singles and 5 full length albums.

They hit the top ten of the German alternative charts four times and one single even made it in the German Top 100 charts.

While the early recordings sounded strictly punk-rock, somewhere between melodic "socal" skate-punk, London 77 and old German pogo-anthems like KFC, Razors or Middle Class Fantasies......, TERRORGRUPPE later added more and more Reggae, modern H.C. and even Pop elements to their songs Today the band calls their music AGGROPOP and has founded a little aggropop-scene with their own small fanzine "Church of Punkology" as the...



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