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Raised Fist

Alexander Rajkovic Vocals) 

Andreas Johansson Bass 

Marco Eronen Guitar 

Oskar Karlsson Drums 


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04/07/2006Sound Of The Republic

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Raised Fist

Raised Fist was formed in 1993. They got the idea for the name from the Rage against the Machine song called "Know your enemy" where the lyrics goes like: "Born with an insight and a Raised fist .."
With influences rooted firmly among bands as GORILLA BISCUITS, YOUTH OF TODAY and WIDE AWAKE the band started out as firm believers in the old school style. They blasted out their first two excellent releases, the CD EP "You're Not Like Me", and the much acclaimed MCD "Stronger Than Ever". On these recordings the band and mad man, growling Alexander Rajkovic is up for an intense hardcore adventure that has the same spirit and energy stuff as the early Revelation and Boston releases conveys.

Late 1998 Raised Fist came back with their long awaited debut album "Fuel". A record that meets the old style coupled with a more heavy sometimes almost MACHINE HEAD-like metal assault. KERRANG gave "Fuel" four Ks (K K K K) and wrote "...It is a melody-free album of pogo-inducing open chords and Sick Of It All-style Noise. It's not just posturing either, these four men sound as if they really mean it and there isn't a track here that lets up for a second"..." Raised Fist sound like they're spoiling for a ruck, and after hearing "Fuel" you'll be too". (James Cooper).
The second album "Ignoring The Guidelines" (recorded by Daniel Bergstand who has produced MACHINE HEAD and MESHUGGAH among others) was released by Burning Heart Records on May the 26th 2000 and is certainly another reason to believe. Here, RAISED FIST takes their intense hardcore even further. The metal is there, but less prominent. The punk edge, the stomping build-ups and deadly aggressive styled vocals makes "Ignoring The Guidelines" to another great release from th...



Raised Fist
Sound Of The Republic

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