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Division Of Laura Lee

vocals, guitar 

David Fransson guitar 

Jonas Gustavsson bass 



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12/16/2007Dirty Love

12/16/2007Does Compute

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Division Of Laura Lee

"We set out to do our best and make a really good record and that's about it."

- PerStålberg

The Division of Laura Lee doesn't get much more serious, and singer-guitarist Per Stålberg's comment isn't just hot air from one more band with one more new album. Rather, it's a statement of intent and achievement. The actual record itself, which the Swedish quintet has dubbed Das Not Compute, is the exclamation point. And, uh, kind of a question mark.

You may remember their album of two years ago, Black City, and its groovy murk. If you don't, it somehow slinked underneath your table, it's not for lack of attention. It came like a thief in the night and rocked some souls out of a sameness-induced slumber. The band likewise toured, and fans enlisted in droves as DOLL's vastly-realized rock n' roll (a blend of Love and Rockets, U2, the Stones, the MC5, Minor Threat, Spiritualized and the Jesus and Mary Chain) reminded them why they liked music in the first place: because it was stirring emotionally and physically---it could make you rock, writhe, cry, laugh, or puke. And the problem with current music is that it just does not compute.

"I grew up listening to guitar rock," says Stålberg, "but sometimes I get really fed up with rock. And I'm bummed by the punk scene; it used to be pretty good. I don't think Division is really a punk band, but that's what we base our beliefs in. We want to just try to change things that we don't like. It's getting worse every day."

Much like a lot of other music fans, Stålberg is genuinely despondent over the state of music, and it shows on the record. Each time he sings "There's a last time for everything" on DNC's apparent final track, while steady and unwavering, he is incrementa...



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