a Epitaph Records: Pietasters

Todd Eckhardt Bass 

Tom Goodin Guitar 

Toby Hansen Trumpet 

Stephen Jackson Vocals 

Alan Makranczy Sax, Backing Vocals 

Jeremy Roberts Trombone, Backing Vocals 

Rob Steward Drums 

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"Set aside this special time of the day during which you devote your

time to this precious record."

The above quotage is the first thing you hear when you throw on the Pietasters' new LP Awesome Mix Tape #6. The record takes its name from a brief, but poignant moment of serendipity amongst bandmates while watching Boogie Nights. And it is truly precious. Not to say the Pietasters are precious. In fact, since their inception, this septet consisting of the blokes listed above, have been making great music and tirelessly taking it to the streets. While bounding across stages in America and abroad, their glorious hodge-podge of reggae, power pop and Stax-inspired soul music has been honed to perfection and will soon be delivered.

Vocalist Stephen Jackson attributes the band's mandate to rock to a cohesive mindset, part of which involves taking pride in stirring up a frenzy at all of their shows. "It's not good unless somebody bleeds." As rough as that statement might sound, it is the product of the band's punk rock roots. Having grown up in DC during its punk heyday, the Pietasters were weened on the old school greats. Shows by bands like Minor Threat, the Meatmen and Scream were regularly attended, like many a capitol kid, by Jackson and his cohorts. It was around this same time that they also discovered ska.

Inspired by British vets such as Bad Manners and the Specials, the Pietasters had found a home. But that wasn't all. While a smattering of ska still exists in the band's platter du jour, your first mistake would be to assume that this group is strictly that kind of outfit. But, it's not unlikely that one will hear shades of Spencer Davis, Otis Redding, Alton Ellis and Bob Marley while rocketing through ...




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