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New Bomb Turks

Eric Davidson Vocals 

Bill Randt Drums, percussion 

Matt Reber Bass, backing vocals 

Jim Weber Guitar, backing vocals 

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New Bomb Turks

Been sleeping through the snoozeville of 'modern' music? Well the New Bomb Turks are back to rustle you out of your futon with their newest explosion, NIGHTMARE SCENARIO. Named after a CIA term for the worst possible outcomeof a third world dictator takeover - namely nuclear holocaust - the Turks make like a neutron bombs and leave you lying dead back, as the CD/record keeps spinning out the noise.

Back in 1990 the Turks got together as four Ohio State University Students who wanted to rock, dished out some singles, and by 1992 Tim Warren from Crypt records had gotten hip to their sound and decided to make a record with the boys. The result was the sonic assault known as DESTROY-OH-BOY, which flipped theindie/punk/hardcorescene on its ear. The Turks hit the road with a vengeance, and the records flowed out like fine wine. INFORMATION HIGHWAY REVISITED, then the singles compilation PISSIN OUT THE POISON. The Turks signed a pact with Epitaph in1995 and released two more records (SCARED STRAIGHT and AT ROPE'S END) followed by more touring.

After their first Australian tour in early '99, the Columbus, Ohio greasers shuffled the deck and put a call out for a new drummer. Out of the woods walked a bearded madman with drumsticks in his hand, Mr. Sam Brown (formerly the skin slammer for the Turk's old home town comrades, Gaunt). As summer approached, the boys hunkered down once again in their garage bunker. Once again the tunes started flowing out like mountain moonshine - fast, nasty and instantly lethal.

By fall, a record was ready, and October found them holed up in Detroit's Ghetto Recorders studio. Guided by the expert knob twisting of producer/engineer Jim Diamond (Red Aunts, Bantam Rooster, The Go, Dirtbombs, ...



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