a Epitaph Records: Madball

Freddy Cricien Vocals 

Rob Rosario Guitar 

Hoya Roc Bass 

Darren Morgenthaler Drums 

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While most seven year olds are home on a Sunday afternoon playing video games or watching cartoons, Freddy Cricien is at CBGBs in New York City, there to see his big brother Roger Miret's band Agnostic Front perform at a local hardcore matinee. Roger brings Freddy to the side of the drum kit, safely away from the rabid fans pressed up against the stage cheering for their favorite band to start the show. The lights go down and the madness begins. Bodies climbing over bodies, fingers pointed in the air with every line, and a wide-eyed Freddy watching his brother's every move. The energy escalates with each song as Freddy waits patiently for his chance to shine. Finally the moment of truth as Roger turns to his little brother, calls him up to the front of the stage and gives him the mic. Freddy seizes the moment, giving all in attendance a bite-sized taste of things to come.

Freddy had not yet reached his teens when he played his first Madball show in 1988. Backed by most of Agnostic Front, Madball's first few gigs consisted of un-used AF songs with Roger on bass, Vinnie Stigma on guitar and Will Shepler on drums. In 1989 Madball released the seven-inch, "Ball of Destruction", giving Freddy an outlet to take his show on the road. Three years of hard work followed, playing regional shows in and around the New York area. In 1992 guitarist Matt Henderson joined the band, turning Madball into a five-piece just in time to record the "Droppin' Many Suckas" EP for Wreckage Records. One year later Roger left the band, and was replaced by the young blood of Hoya Roc. Hoya was a familiar face from the local hardcore scene and a good friend of Freddy's. His prior band Dmize was just breaking up and Hoya was looking for...



Hold It Down


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