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Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros

The death of Joe Strummer, at the age of fifty, on December 22, 2002 came as a deep shock. However the colossal response of the media to Joe's passing was a tribute to his enduring status as a musical archetype and legend. For example, in addition to front-page coverage in most major newspapers, The London Times also ran a respectful editorial lamenting his demise; television news carried lengthy tributes; at the Newcastle-Liverpool match at St James's Park on Boxing Day, before a crowd of 52,000 football fans, a minute's silence was held for the former Clash frontman before kick-off, an extraordinary gesture, but one that showed how Joe's combination of toughness and sensitivity touched people's hearts. There is no exaggeration in the way that he is now spoken of as part of a tradition of folk protest singers stretching back to the likes of Woody Guthrie, on an iconic level with the likes of John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Bob Marley.

In fact, Streetcore, Joe Strummer's new CD,recorded largely with his group the Mescaleros, includes a version of Marley's reflective masterpiece "Redemption Song," which he had recorded with the American producer Rick Rubin; always an adept reinterpreter--you think of such classics as "Police and Thieves," "I Fought the Law," and "Brand New Cadillac"--Joe's version of the song that is perhaps Marley's greatest work is almost as extraordinary as the original, and a tribute to one of his greatest inspirations. Guest musicians on "Redemption song" include Rick Rubin on piano, Smokey Hormel (Tom Waits, Beck and Johnny Cash) guitar and Benmont Tench (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) organ.

Streetcore features Joe's most immediate and accessible material since his early work with the Clash, ev...



Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros
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