a Epitaph Records: Heideroosjes

Marco Roelofs vocals/guitar 

Frans Kleuskens guitar/vocals 

Fred Houben bass 

Igor Hobus drums 

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It was June 2002. "Sold out", read a sign on the door of the Dutch venue Paradiso. Was it a concert? Yes, that too. More of a party, really. Heideroosjes (pronounced; hi-duh-rose-yes and it's HR, in short) celebrated their twelve-and-a-halfth anniversary. To a seething crowd of fans (ánd the band members' relatives: that older lady on the balcony, that was bass player Fred's grandmother), Heideroosjes performed a cross section of their six studio albums, supported by numerous guests, members of both successful Dutch artists and underground bands.

"Lad, how you've grown. I can remember you being only this big", the uncle is in the habit of saying at the family party. After all, were Heideroosjes not that band that once rattled charmingly but did get the fields of The leading Dutch music festival, Pinkpop, to its knees? That band with the high calibre of likeability, despite those four grim faces on stage, despite the punk noise they produced on the spot?

In the early days, perhaps. But after 14 years (without any changes in cast) and almost 1000 live shows Heideroosjes are --with all due respect- the most successful punk band ever to be produced by the Netherlands. Dedicated to the Dutch underground scene they stayed. But on the other hand, they have managed to stay in the Dutch album charts for over half a year and have had some radio hits in The Netherlands and Belgium. Heideroosjes have toured with Pennywise, with Bad Religion and with The Offspring. Noodles, the Offspring's heavily spectacled guitar player, fell silent for a moment when he saw HR live in action. And then he made the following note in his diary: "I have a new favourite band, Heideroosjes. These guys rock and make me feel old." There were t...



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