a Epitaph Records: H2O

Toby Morse Vocals 

Rusty Pistachio Guitar, Backing Vocals 

Adam Blake Bass 

Todd Friend Drums, Backing Vocals 

Todd Morse Guitar & Backing Vocals 

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H2O was born out of frontman Toby Morses unquestionable desire to give something back to hardcore music. Having been a roadie for several years with New York hardcore legends Sick Of It All, Toby got his first big chance to perform during one of their shows. "Pete (Koller) wrote a song on the road, I wrote some lyrics, and for a goof I sang 'My Love Is Real' during one of their encores." The crowd reaction was so strong that Toby's charismatic onstage appearances became a welcome and expected addition to SOIA shows. It was soon apparent that Toby was a much better frontman than he was a roadie, and such was the catalyst that led Toby to put together his own band.

He began by enlisting the help of his childhood friend Rusty Pistachio on guitar. After recruiting bassist Eric Rice and drummer Max Capshaw, H2O played its first show in December 1994, making an immediate and lasting impression on the New York masses. When the demand for their demo tape exceeded all expectations, the band recorded a seven-inch for Equal Vision Records. With their unique ability to fuse searing hardcore riffs with catchy melodic punk, it wasnt long before H2O was touring up and down the east coast.

In the summer of 1995, after a seven week European tour with SOIA and Civ, the band parted ways with Max. They were joined by former Outcrowd members Todd Friend on drums and Todd Morse (Tobys brother) on guitar. H2O quickly thrived as a five-piece, bringing a stronger and richer sound to the hardcore community. Soon H2O was playing with bands such as Rancid, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and No Doubt. It was with this lineup that H2O released their self-titled debut album on Blackout! Records, an album that has since received acclaim from all ...





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