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Gas Huffer

Don Blackstone Bass, Backing Vocals 

Joe Newton Drums, Backing Vocals 

Tom Price Guitars, Backing Vocals 

Matt Wright Vocals 

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Gas Huffer

Those winsome blokes in Gas Huffer are back! After a slight respite from he rigors of road, studio, and soul-smothering pain of super stardom, Seattle's proud progenitors of Punk Rock Plus recently saw fit to ensconce themselves in the studio and record Just Beautiful Music, the fifth installation in their ongoing saga of thrills and spills of life in This Here Modern World. The music careens fearlessly from flat-out punk to wild experimentalism as the lads bring vividly to life their everyday tales of Viking attack, deep sea treasure hunting, failure to realize that certain wars have ended, quasi-sadistic teenage bonding rituals, love, bitter sweet cynicism, homemade explosives, and of course, greed. And it's all available at a reasonably fair price on LP, CD, and Cassette from Epitaph Records!

Recorded in state-of-the-art Stereo sound by boy genius producer Phil Eck, you'll notice right away that Just Beautiful Music isn't "just another record by some dudes". Rather, it's an aural tour de france rife with boldly progressive statements and Cro-Magnon rock riffs flirting in a devil-may-care fashion with various U.S. copyright infringement laws! In short, it's the perfect gift for the kid who digs punk but "kinda wish some of it had more, like, personality or something". And it's all available at a reasonably fair price on LP, CD, and Cassette from Epitaph Records!

As if a platterful of prime Punk Rock Plus wasn't enough, you'll find that Just Beautiful Music also comes with a 28-page comic book chock full of comical stories lavishly illustrated by bassist Don Blackstone, drummer Joe Newton, guitarist Tom Price and vocalist Matt Wright! Okay, okay, it's a little slapdash looking, but it's totally scott-free ...



Gas Huffer
The Inhuman Ordeal Of Special Agent Gas Huffer

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