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Survive This!

Shawn Zyvoloski – Vocals 

Doug Horn – Bass 

Daniel Ingram – Guitar 

Billy Sanderson – Drums 

AJ Veloz Guitar 


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11/05/2013The Life You've Chosen

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Survive This!

Las Vegas is known for a lot of things and it isn't just glitz and glamour. Sure, that's part of it, but ultimately people go there for a chance to push their luck in order to transform their lives—and that spirit of perseverance lies at the core of Survive This! and their unique blend of rock, metal, hardcore and pop. On paper it may seem like this combination wouldn't work, but like hitting a Sin City jackpot, the music created by Survive This! is an against-the-odds combination that is nothing short of transcendent.

Vocalist Shawn Zyvoloski, his cousin drummer Billy Sanderson, childhood friend and vocalist/guitarist Daniel Ingram and bassist Doug Horn started out as teenagers playing music in their hometown of Pahrump, Nevada, however Survive This! didn't come into existence until the addition of guitarist AJ Veloz back in 2009. "Despite it being a small town Pahrump had a pretty good music scene and we would always play at a community center and fill it to the back," Zyvoloski says of the band's early days. "Before we knew it we were getting shows in Vegas and eventually we built such a strong fanbase that it made sense to relocate where there was more going on."

Vegas was also where the band met Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke who has become a vocal supporter of Survive This!, co-produced The Life You've Chosen and also lends his famous pipes to the song "Wrong Direction (Hey You)." "We became friends with Ronnie through local shows and coming up together; one day I was hanging out with Ronnie and we were listening to my iPod on shuffle and one of the songs randomly came on and he really liked it and wanted to work with us," Zyvoloski explains when asked how the group got the attention of R...



Survive This!
The Life You've Chosen


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