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Brad Logan Vocals, Guitar 

Joe Steinbrick Bass 

Erika Daking Guitar 

Adam Zuckert Drums 

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F-Minus formed in 1997 in Huntington Beach. They began modestly with some definite goals in mind. The area they originated from was awash in too many utterly deplorable bands trying to make it big. "When we started getting shows, we were bumming out pop punk and ska bands left and right," co-lead vocalist and guitarist, Brad, said. "It felt like our band was constantly playing in front of someone else's audience." Putting F-MINUS' assault in the middle of all that cheery chirping and radio pandering was like a direct piss into the audience's ear. No matter. They continued, persevered, and gained their own fans on their own terms.

F-MINUS plays songs that sound like they could level any venue with nihilism of blasting notes. It's a basic equation, really. Plug in, keep it simple, play it fast, remain heart-felt, don't worry too much about tuning, try to cope, here's the fucking song, here we go. There's no need for mass appeal.

It's not all just hot, misdirected, angry air either. They inject a healthy dose of realism in an industry often bent on hedonism. Beyond gaining the respect of such long-time veterans, Agnostic Front, and becoming the contemporaries of bands such as Kid Dynamite, F-MINUS realizes that there are deep motivations steering the band. "We're not preachers, teachers, or speech givers, there are other bands worthy of that," Brad said. "We just write about what we see, what's going on around us right now...and our reactions to it. Conviction hammers the meaning home. Brad continues: "We're not trying to be mean and tough or 'the most punk,' or anything. We're screaming because it hurts to live, you know?"

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Wake Up Screaming

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