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The Dwarves

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The Dwarves

From their beginnings as a Mid-Western garage band the Dwarves have remained the ugly stepchild of Rock n' Roll. Major players in both the Seattle

grunge explosion and the Gilman St. punk renaissance, the Dwarves have

always distinguished themselves as the hardest, vilest band on the scene.

"Come Clean", the Dwarves revolutionary new album for Epitaph, finds them in top form, the last men standing in the cage match for the soul of rock n' roll. With Top Ten producer Eric Valentine at the controls "Come Clean" picks up where their last album- "The Dwarves Are Young & Good Looking"- left off and while some established bands are content to just repeat their earlier records, the Dwarves have moved forward adding elements of pop, speed metal, and even techno to their hard-edged punk sound.

Employing an army of session men, programmers, DJs, rappers, criminals, hooligans and teen-age girls the Dwarves have made one of the most innovative punk records of all time. This from a notorious group whose

erotic cover for their classic hardcore album "Blood Guts and Pussy" got

them banned from most retail chains when Sub/Pop was bouncing $50 checks.

Throughout the 1990's the Dwarves chaotic shows and incendiary interviews drew the attention of both underground and mainstream press and their bad reputation made them the band that simply would not die. While the faint-hearted withered in their seats, real rock fans squirmed with delight. And they've been squirming ever since.

Now the Dwarves are back to warp a new generation


The Dwarves
...Are Young And Good Looking

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