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Street Dogs

Mike McColgan: Lead Vocals 

Johnny Rioux: Bass 

Marcus Hollar: Guitar 

Tobe Bean, III: Guitar 

Paul "Ruck!"er: Drums 

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Street Dogs

Tracing the Street Dogs' story on the eve of the release of their new album, State of Grace, is no easy task. One thing that all parties can agree on is where it all started. At a time when the music scene teems with mediocrity and fashion-oriented bands that are simultaneously from nowhere and of everywhere, maintaining a sense of roots, politics, and place has become the band's calling card, a way of demonstrating to the world that they most decidedly stand for something.

The Street Dogs, it is somewhat of an understatement to say, are from Boston. Mike McColgan's name was already indelibly linked with the city, as he had already made his name as the frontman for the Dropkick Murphys, the standard-bearers of Boston punk during the late 1990s. Most musicians dream of achieving that kind of once in a lifetime success. But the Murphys' rise to fame was something of an entr'acte for the duty-bound McColgan, who had already served in the military prior to forming the band, and who aspired to follow in the footsteps of his uncle and join the Boston Fire Department. So it was that McColgan left the stage for the firehouse in 1998, working over the following years as an EMT and a firefighter.

Now, the way these stories usually get told, the hero doesn't fade out quietly into the night. Instead, he returns one last time before heading off into the sunset. And at first, when McColgan the firefighter continued to write during his downtime, and later began to moonlight with bassist Johnny Rioux in 2002, it almost seemed like that's the way this story would end, too. They formed a new group along with members from each of their former bands (in Rioux's case, he had formerly played for the Bruisers, another stalwart on the ...



Street Dogs
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