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Ray Oropeza Vocals 

Rogelio Lozano Guitar 

Ares Schwager Guitar 

Chris Hamilton Drums 

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There's blood in the eyes again. Downset is back in the game with a fire that's ready to blow wide open. The Los Angeles-based insurrectionists' third album and Epitaph Records debut, Check Your People is a firestorm of a record that breathes in intense emotions: raw hip hop and raw punk with a directness that both reaffirms and reinvigorates. "We went through a lot of shit just to get this record done," states frontman and lyricist Rey Oropeza. "We had personal problems with the band and then got caught in one of the worst corporate glitches in history. To see it resurrect in this way is just incredible." A true resurrection it is: spelt out in a tangle of personal and social politick: a graffiti mural of anger and indignity spelt out cross a concrete canvas where mood, meter, and melody merge in a dynamic sound clash.

If ever a time was right for these Los Angelinos it's now. "The shit's selling millions of records," states Rey on the recent Rap-Rock explosion that Downset have long been at the forefront of. Simple fact: Downset's aggravated sonic alchemy just offers so much more. They ain't just doin' it for the proverbial "Nookie". While Check your People's lyrical bent is decidedly more personal than the activisim-set-to-sound of the band's two previous, critically acclaimed albums: Downset and Do We Speak a Dead Language?, it's still the pure, undiluted shit. "It's as real and straightforward as it gets," says guitarist Ares. The band's third album with producer Roy Z. with mix chores taken up by Randy Staub (Monster Magnet, Metallica), Check your People pounds with an intensity on tracks like the call-to-arms of "Coming Back", the West Indian-infused "Play Big" or the rallying cry of "Together" that few measur...



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