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The Heart Attacks

Chase ? Lead Vocals 

Tuk ? Lead Guitars 

Dave ? Rhythm Guitars 

Paulie ? Bass 

Brad ? Drums 

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The Heart Attacks

"We're a gang of pirate gypsy crackhead smart-mouthed snot-nosed rock & roll misfits," snaps Chase, lead singer for The Heart Attacks, Atlanta's eminent scuzz rock quintet. Confident, energetic and downright bonkers, the men behind the Lars (Rancid, Bastards) Frederiksen-produced Hellbound And Heartless have already put their lives on the line for rock & roll glory. But more on that shortly.

Sounding like the bastard child of Stiv Bators out in front of the Dead Damned Sham Band, the crazed abandon of The Heart Attacks - also counting lead guitarist Tuk, rhythm guitarist Dave, bassist Paulie, and drummer Brad - have converted attendees into disciples at sweaty shows from Boston to Florida in 2005 and 2006. In fact, it was this swagger and take no prisoners aesthetic, coupled with a timeless high energy sound with tinges of punk and late '70s rock that made Rancid frontman and Hellcat Records founder Tim Armstrong fall in love with the group and subsequently sign the band.

"When he first saw us, Tim said he thought we looked like a gang or something," the singer laughs. "And we sort of are. We're all like 20 or 21 and we make terrible decisions. We do some of the most ridiculous shit. We're pretty reckless. We act without regard, like we're 13 or something."

It's that youthful recklessness that launches Hellbound And Heartless in the form of the snarling, unforgettable, machine-gunning "You Oughtta' Know By Know." Unfolding to disclose the chaotic, attitudinal charms of "Summer of Hate," the dozen song cycle sounds as if it could easily be the soundtrack for barroom brawls finds punk subject matter expert Frederiksen exhibiting depth as a producer working outside of his staple genre.

Case in point is the pia...



The Heart Attacks
Hellbound And Heartless

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