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Charley Guitar 

Brian Vocals 

Damien Bass 

Donny Drums 

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As the cry of "Control, control. For who? For what" echoed out of a South Bay garage in the winter of 1994, the Deviates were born. Now, seven years later, the band prepare to release their second full-length album Time Is The Distance and take their place at the table amongst a legacy of some of the greatest hardcore bands of all time.

Time Is The Distance, their Epitaph debut, is an emotionally driven album both musically and lyrically. In the two years since the release of their Theologian Records debut, My Life, the Deviates have taken a quantum leap in their song craft, harnessing a passion for hardcore and an ever developing sense of melody. Defining themselves with a pissed off but positive message, the Deviates draw inspiration from personal politics and darker emotions that haunt us all and then spin these issues into a positive message of self-reliance and resilience.

The Deviates originally began work on Time Is The Distance in the spring of 2000, but left the studio to hit the road with the Warped Tour for the second year in a row. After a summer of playing every day on the road, the band returned to the studio tighter than ever and with a few additional songs under their belts and finished up work on the album. The resulting 14 songs represent not only one of the youngest, but one of the most gifted bands to come out of the South Bay in the last ten years.

The Deviates formed as a band when its members were only fifteen and sixteen years old. Drawing their inspiration from Nirvana and Black Flag, the band spent its first two years holed up in their garage learning to play their instruments; Brian was forced to sing by default, he had no instrument. The band took their first steps outside of the g...



Time Is The Distance

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