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The Draft

Jason Black Bass 

Chris Wollard Guitar/Vocals 

George Rebelo Drums 

Todd "Wonderboy" Rockhill Guitar 


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05/08/2008In A Million Pieces EPK


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The Draft

Reinvention can be a bitch. But for the men behind The Draft ? three-fourths of whom recently crawled from the wreckage of the now-defunct, legendary post-punk outfit Hot Water Music ? taking a powder was never, ever an option. Instead, frontman/guitarist Chris Wollard, bassist/spokesman Jason Black and drummer George Rebelo ? the nucleus of what became this new band ? stared down their collective doubts and insecurities, flipped off their detractors, recruited a new guitarist in longtime associate Todd Rockhill and took the next evolutionary step.

Although their captivating, incendiary debut offering is called In A Million Pieces, it?s by no means a reflection of The Draft. Arguably as cohesive an album, if not more so, than anything HWM ever laid down in its decade-plus of existence, the disc is downright daring in certain respects. And with that notion, Black?s enthusiasm comes as little surprise. ?There?s nothing on this one that I want to bury,? he says proudly. ?I love all twelve songs.?

The cathartic but melodic ?Alive Or Dead? ? from which the disc draws its title ? is as much of a vibrant, memorable anthem as it is a testimonial to the difficulties ushered in by unexpected change. Not to be outdone, the simply awesome ?All We Can Count On? ? with its irresistible, chant-along refrain and xylophone touches ? is just another in a number of vigorous swings on an album conceived and realized with the shackles off.

?I think we all knew there was no way that we wouldn?t just completely start over as a new band,? Black explains. ?We always said that the minute one of us walked away from Hot Water, then that was it. But it was totally scary. At the same time, I don?t think we had the desire to keep pushi...



The Draft
In A Million Pieces

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