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Greg Graffin

Greg Graffin Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Harmonica/Piano 

Stephen Carroll Guitar 

Jason Tait Drums 

Greg Smith Bass 

David Bragger Banjo/Mandolin/Fiddle 

Jolie Holland Background/Harmony Vocals 

Chris Berry Guitar/Banjo 

Joe Wack Guitar 

Stephen Carroll Slide/Guitar 

Brett Gurewitz Harmony Vocals 


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Greg Graffin

Even though I am known as a punk rock singer and songwriter, a world apart from old-time music, the roots of my singing go back to my Wisconsin childhood and family gatherings in Indiana. For most of my life, the old-time music of rural America has served as one of the soundtracks to my life and daily routines.

My earliest musical memory is from when I was four or five and my Mom's brother, Uncle Stanley, the son of a teacher and a General Motors assembly-line worker in Anderson, Indiana, gathered all us cousins together for a sing-along. "Me, Lem Briggs, and Ol' Bill Brown took a load of corn to town" were the first words to a song called "Kickin' my Dog Around," and we laughed and sang as our parents joined in with Uncle Stanley's guitar or banjo.

Over the years the repertoire grew at family gatherings while at the same time I became known to the outside world as the singer of Bad Religion. Some of the earliest reviews of my singing with BR mention the "folksy" sound of my delivery. Since then, Bad Religion has continued to record highly charged punk rock, yet most all our songs can be strummed on an acoustic guitar and sung without amplification like an old-time folk traditional.

During BR sessions, my songwriting partner Brett Gurewitz and I would pass the acoustic guitar back and forth sharing ideas that later we would present to the rest of the band. One day, during a break from rehearsals for the album The Process of Belief, Brett heard me playing an old standard "Omie Wise," and he suggested that we record an album of old-time music. On that day, the seeds of this solo project were planted.

Cold as the Clay is the culmination of Brett's production concept: an honestly recorded array of h...



Greg Graffin
Cold As The Clay

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